Upgrading to Easy Phone Tunes Plus

If you have purchased Easy Phone Tunes Plus but the advanced features have not been enabled on the PC (or Mac) app then do the following:

First check that you are using the most up to date version of the app for the PC or Mac

Note that the same version of the PC (and Mac) app is used for the free and the paid version. The Easy Phone Tunes Plus app on the phone will unlock the advanced features the next time it is connected to the PC (or Mac).

If this does not fix the issue then try the following:

1) Disconnect your phone from the PC (or Mac)
2) Shut-down / power-down your phone
3) Restart your phone
4) Run the Easy Phone Tunes Plus app on your phone (the one with the green icon) and click the Next button until you are told to connect it to the PC (not before)
5) Run the PC (or Mac) app
6) Click on the "settings" button and go through the set up process again